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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Okay, You Drive

Characters: Granny (my mom), Auntie Jess (me), and Kate (my niece)

Place: Ice-cream shop after "Girls' Night Out" dinner


Kate: "Granny - have a bite of my ice-cream!"

Granny: "I'm pretty full, I think I'll pass. But, thank you."

Kate: "No really, Granny, it's very, very good," said with wide blue eyes trying desperately to convey the absolute goodness of the ice-cream.

Granny: "You know, Kate, I'm full up to here," puts hand at eyebrow level. "And I'm afraid if I eat any of your ice-cream, it's going to come out of my eyes."

Kate: "Out of your eyes???!!!" said with HUGE blue eyes as she cocks her head to the side, little 5-year-old brain trying to comprehend this.

Granny: "Yes," pointing to tear ducts, "it will come out right here like when you cry tears."

Kate: "I've never seen that before. Do it -- I want to see ice-cream come out of your eyes!"

Granny: "Well, if I do that, I can't drive us home and we'll have to walk. And, your house is pretty far away."

Kate: "Oh. I don't want to walk super far."

Kate's brain: "Think, think, think," smoke is practically coming out of her little ears.

Kate: "Hey," looking over at me, "you drive, right?"

Auntie: "Yes, I do."

Kate: "And you can drive Granny's car, right?"

Auntie: "Yes, I can."

Kate: "Okay, Auntie, you drive us home. Granny, go ahead and eat the ice-cream - I want to see it come out of your eyes!"

Auntie: "SNORK!"

Granny: "GUFFAW!"

Kate: "What's so funny???"

Clever little child that one.


Blogger Belinda said...

My favorite part? "Hey--you drive, right?"

Nothing like a problem-solver. You are doomed forever.

10:51 PM  

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