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Saturday, April 01, 2006

88, and Still Kickin' High!

This is a verbatim cut and paste of a portion of an e-mail I just received from my Great Aunt Genie, who is 88 years old and just moved into a retirement home in Northern California. All of the bolding, caps, abbreviations, etc., are hers. She is an absolute hoot -- still so full of life. I wanna be like her when I grow up.

This is a sorta generic update to let you know that I made it here in one piece and am almost back to the e-mail bizness. I won't have hispeed til Thurs tho so I'm not too excited about email yet. But this'll give ya a brief idea of what's going on:

I'm really making myself right at home: The second day here I was informed that the woman in the next door apt had broken her leg and is in the care center temporarily but was doing so well she is expected home soon. Well, that nite I was awakened at 2:30AM to LOUD, RAUCOUS TV! I tho't," She must be home, but surely she couldn't do that in the care center and there are noise restrictions thruout so why is she doing that?" I pounded on the wall, to no avail. By 4 AM I was fed up and decided that there's no way I could put up w/that so we'd better have a little chat. I put on a robe and headed for the door, at which point I became aware that IT WAS MY TV! Somehow during the move and furniture placement the alarm on my TV had been turned on! I didn't even know it had an alarm!!! Fortunately I'm in a corner unit so there was only the absent neighbor and one upstairs who were in a position to be disturbed. I went upstairs the next AM to apologize to that neighbor but she says she didn't hear it!!!

Did I tell you this is a retirement home run by the Episcopal church? It's in a very beautiful setting on a steep hill in Los Gatos. Bill insisted that I come here for the view, if nothing else. The people are very friendly, the staff is friendly and the food is good. What more could I want? Well, within reason, that is! One of the residents offered to take me to church yesterday and I accepted. The first thing she said as she was backing out of the parking space was, "I've hit 6 cars so more and I quit!" Then she went on to tell me about taking her driver's license test and how she had a very friendly tester. She was asked if she needed to wear her glasses but she, the driver, decided to see how she did w/out 'em. She could identify the first letter called upon to name but when asked to identify another one she simply had NO idea what it was and started to say."Oh, I have no idea!" but she no sooner got the "OH" out when the tester said,"Fine, you pass." The letter was "O".........You can imagine how much confidence I had in her driving tho! Now I've got to think of excuses to not drive w/her again.

P.S. - When I pictured her putting on her robe to go give the neighbor a piece of her mind, water almost shot out of my nose. The woman is 5' nothin' and a little slip of a thing! Go Aunt Genie!


Blogger Belinda said...

Oh, my GOSH. I love Aunt Genie. This blog has REAL promise! Keep it coming!

10:52 PM  

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