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Saturday, April 08, 2006


(No, the child does not have make-up on -- it's just my cellphone taking super bright pictures and making her rosy cheeks look like circles of pink make-up!)

I hate being perpetually lost. It's incredibly frustrating.

So I set out for the skating rink this morning for my niece's 6th birthday party, and I'm running a bit late, which is odd, because I'm usually a little bit early, so I should have known something was up. I get to the skating rink and see my mom's car, so I park next to her. (She has driven to this rink because I told her which rink to go to and how to get there.) I get inside and my mom has just arrived, too, which is odd, because she's usually a bit early as well. We ask for the Katy Rose birthday party and they say they have no birthday parties scheduled. Now, this rink is the EXACT freakin' rink where I took Kate to her kindergarten skate party two weeks ago, so I'm positive we're in the right place. They let my mom in to the rink to look around, and she comes out and tells me nobody is in there. Hmmm...better call brudda.

Chip: "Hello."

Jess: "Where are you guys? We're at CalSkate off of Stockton Boulevard where I brought Kate for her kindergarten skate party."

Chip: "Ummm, we're at King Skate in Elk Grove."

Jess: "Crap. Okay. How do I get there?"

So Chip gives me directions and I start off with mom following me. I'm driving, and driving, and driving some more, and I figure, well, fuck, I've managed to get lost again, since I've been driving for 20 minutes! Better call brudda again.

Chip: "Hello?"

Jess: "We've just passed Elk Grove Boulevard – am I on target?"

Chip: "You were supposed to turn on Elk Grove Boulevard and then hit Franklin, turn there and deadend into Bilbay."

Jess: "Wait a minute. You told me to take Stockton to Franklin and go left, and that Franklin deadends into Bilbay! Am I freaking lost AGAIN?"

Chip: "Oh, you’re on Franklin? I’m sorry – I’m turned around, too. Okay, go south on Franklin for about a mile and then turn west on Bilbay and you’ll deadend into the rink."

Jess: "Jesus. Can I borrow your compass? Damn man directions. Can you just tell me which way to turn on Bilbay?"

Chip: "Oh – stay on Franklin for a mile and turn right on Bilbay."


Chip: "Don’t get pissy with me. The name and address of the skating rink are on the invitation that I personally handed to you two weeks ago. Ever heard of a little thing called "Mapquest?’"

Jess: "GAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Okay. See you in five."

This party was seriously fun. I so love to watch children playing hard, and these kids were working hard at playing! Lots of smiles and sweaty brows with flushed cheeks aplenty, as is evidenced by the photo at the top of this page! First they ate pizza and had drinks. Then they skate, skate, skated their little hearts out!

(I did not skate because last Tuesday night Kate and I had a waterfight in the bathroom while I was giving her a bath, and I didn’t quite get up all of the water so I ended up damn near doing the splits and torking my right knee. When I’m with her it’s like I’m a 39-year-old kid! So I do stupid shit and hurt myself on a regular basis.)

After skating they called Kate up to the sound booth where she got to talk on the mic, and they gave her a princess crown and wand, and everybody sang her happy birthday. She looked just as cute and overly excited as she could be! After that we had cake and ice-cream and opened presents. Then, they called all the kids to the floor without their skates and had them dance in their socks. It was a line dance for kids, and it was HILARIOUS. All these kids from 6 to 9 years of age are out there trying to follow the dance instructions, and they are all going in different directions. Hilarity ensued!

Dancing was followed by bouncing in a bouncy house and riding on these ingenius little scooters that are very low to the ground and propelled by body movement. The kids sit on the seats, which have a metal bar protruding out of the front and connected to handle bars with the handle bars coming back far enough on the sides so that the kids could hold them. Then they basically wiggled their bodies and moved the handlebars and could get these scooters going at a pretty good clip. They looked like a bunch of ants scattering to the four corners of the rink – very funneee!

(I thought how fun it would be if I could ride one, too, but they were truly child-sized, and I didn’t want to have to ask the rink personnel, " my butt supposed to hang over the sides and drag along the rink floor? Because it’s putting a serious hitch in my getalong." *snork* I crack myself up! Ahem.)

All in all it was a very fun day. There’s nowhere I’d rather be on a Saturday than watching my niece having a ton of fun – it just warms my heart and immediately returns everything to perspective.


Anonymous sanders5 said...

I'm going to be singing, "You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around" for the next week ... um ... er ... thanks?

Hey, your camera didn't just give your niece rosey cheeks, but she's got on blue eyeshadow too! So THAT's how they do it for magazines! Who knew?

Sounds like stress upon stress, deflated by hilarity - which is always a good way to destress.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous starbender said...

Augh! Hectic day!

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Dorkette said...

Kids' parties are the best! I'm skerred to take my 5-year old skating - she's such a klutz like me, and I'm libel to fall on her and crush her little skinny-mini ass to death! Glad you had fun...

P.S. - Thanks for your words on my site... depression is such a black hole.

3:19 PM  

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