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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Conversations With A Six-Year-Old

My niece and I followed my brother and nephew up to my Dad's place in Nevada yesterday to drop off the family truck. We trade it off every few months. When we left California at 9:15 a.m. it was sunny and gorgeous. Then we hit the foothills and the clouds rolled in. And that's when the fun started. My niece just turned 6 in April, and she's a sharp little cookie. She's also very outspoken and prone to be a bit dramatic. I don't know where she gets those traits. It could not POSSIBLY be from hanging out with me. Kate also just learned how to roll her "r's", which she's taken to doing at random times -- it's like having a cooing bird with ya!


Auntie: "Well, Kate, we just hit Apple Hill and it's raining."

Kate: "I KNEW it! I told you it was gonna rain!" Rrrrr, rrrrr (hear cooo cooooo)

Auntie: "Guess what Kate, now it's snowing, and we're in short pants, short sleeves, and thongs!"

Kate: "It's snowing??? Wow! Your car says it's 36 degrees, is that hot?" Rrrrr, rrrrr (cooo, cooo)

Auntie: "No, that's pretty cold. 32 is freezing, so we're only 4 degrees away from that."

Kate: "It's snowing harder -- oh no, it's a blizzard!!! And your car says it's 32, now it's 31, now it's 30! We're gonna freeze! Feel the window, it's like an icecube! We're gonna freeze! We'll never be able to get out of the car!!!"

Auntie: "Snork! Roll down your window a little bit and stick your finger out, then you'll see how cold it really is."

Kate: Sticks finger out window, then says, "We're going to freeze to death!!! We won't even be able to get out of the car to hug Grampy! Blizzard, blizzard, go away, or I'll pull down your underwear!" (guess she told that blizzard!)

Further discussion about how it's not really a blizzard, and I won't let her freeze to death, etc., etc., then quiet, then some random cooing, then more conversation:

Kate: "The Bratz on my coloring book don't have noses so I drew them some."

Auntie: "That's nice, I bet they appreciate that."

Kate: "Hey guys, have you heard? We're getting noses! Some nice person is going to draw them for us and then we can smell what's cookin'!"

Auntie: "SNORK!"

Auntie: "You know, I bet we could really impress your parents if every time you said a word that begins with "R" you roll your tongue. See the river over there and how fast it's moving? You could say the Rrrrriver is Rrrrapid. And you could say Rrrroses are Rrrred, and it's Rrrraining, and my middle name is Rrrrose. See how many words begin with "R?" Your parents are gonna LOVE it!"

"The Rrrriiivvver is Rrrrraaapidd. My middle name is Rrrrroosee."

Auntie: "HAHAHAHAHA!!"

Then, on the way home, she noticed that the sun was shining on the mountain tops and lighting up the snowcaps, and she says to me and my brother, "Hey look, the sun makes it look like the mountains are glowing."

I cannot tell you how much I adore this little girl. She's so bright, has such a good sense of humor, and is just a joy. I'm a very lucky Auntie, indeed.