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Sunday, July 16, 2006


SETTING: Granny's house in the mountains (Long Barn, California)

Aunt(ie) Jess (Me), Granny (My Mom), Kate (My Perfect, Precious, 6-year-old Niece), Alex (My Perfect, Precious, 10.5-month-old Nephew), Mama (Kate & Alex's Mama), Papa (My Bouncing Baby Brudda)

TIME: This morning (Sunday, July 16th) @ 8:15 a.m.

PLACE: Living Room


Granny: “Hey Kate – you know, Papa said he wanted to be out of here by 10:00, and it’s already 8:15. You better go downstairs and remind him of that and tell him what time it is.

Kate: “Okay.”

45 seconds later…

Kate: “Mama told me NO, they do NOT want to be out of here by 10:00 and to go back upstairs and play with you guys. She’s tryin’ to sleep.”

Granny: “Well, it was Papa who told me, so you better go make sure and ask him.”

45 seconds later…

Kate: “She CAUGHT me! I was trying to tiptoe in there, and she heard me and opened her eyes and said she TOLD me they didn’t want to leave by 10:00!

Granny: “Oh. Okay.” (*snork*)

Auntie: (*SNORK*)

Fast forward to after breakfast while Mama and Papa are chilling at the breakfast table drinking coffee, and Granny, Kate and I are all playing ball in the house (upon which Mama frowns, but she lets it slide cuz it’s Granny’s house, so Kate can be silly with Granny and Auntie, who are two overgrown children).

So, Kate, Granny and I are throwing a ball around and being relatively careful. Mama goes downstairs to do laundry, Papa goes to put Alex down for a nap, and the three of us get kinda outta control in the living room, where Granny’s full coffee cup is still on the breakfast table. We’re throwing the ball about, and Kate throws it to Granny, who biffs it and bounces it straight up where it hits the table and knocks her coffee over.

Kate: “Oh, NO!”

Granny: “Yup, we knocked over the coffee.”

Auntie: “Oh, crap – here, hurry – take these paper towels and clean it up before Mama gets back!”

Kate: “Huwwy – I think she’s coming!” (Said in a very LOUD stage whisper that I could hear all the way across the room in the kitchen.)

Granny: “I’m hurrying – it hit both chairs!”

Kate: “Huwwy, huwwy – you missed a spot!”

Auntie: “Hahahahahaha! She said you missed a spot!”

Granny: “Auntie here – hurry – throw these towels away. Kate, quick, sit down I hear Mama coming.”

Mama enters room the and I’m in the kitchen calmly getting coffee, Granny and Kate are sitting back at the table trying hard to look innocent.

Kate: “Hee hee hee hee, snork, hee hee, snork!”

Granny: “Tee hee hee!”


Mama: “What’s so funny?”

Auntie, Granny & Kate, in unison: “Nothin’........ HAHAHAHAHAAHA!”

Kate: (Now laughing near the hysteria level) “You guys made me pee my pants, AGAIN!”

Granny: “See – you know we always make you laugh – you should make sure you go potty right when we start playing! You can’t be like Granny already – you’re only 6!”

Kate: “I KNOW!”

Auntie, Granny & Kate, in unison: “HAHAHAHAHAAHA!”

Later, when we start a new game, and Kate starts laughing really hard, she excuses herself to use the potty ahead of time, then comes back, plays, and laughs her ass off! At one point, she’s laughing so hard she’s just laid out on the floor cracking up, but there is no noise coming out of her.

Then, when she calms down, she says, “Oh, man. You guys ALWAYS make me laugh!”

Ahhhh, heeeee, snork, haha, heee, ha….good times!